Strippers handing out candy to your children! It could happen to you! (If you live in Park Slope.) According to the Daily News, a half-dozen Scores exotic dancers are heading to Brooklyn's Middle School 51 to work the candy booths at this Saturday's Haunted Halloween Carnival Benefit for the Puppetry Art Theatre. And parents are outraged! Well, like one parent is outraged. It's Park Slope, parents would probably only get up in arms about this if one of the strippers said Carroll Gardens kids were better behaved or something.

Obviously, the strippers know to be on their best behavior when dealing with such special children. "I'm not going to be inappropriate or exposed," one (totally hot) dancer said. And the parents understand too! Everyone is understanding!

"As long as they keep their clothes on I don't see the problem," said Aileen Reyes, 36, of Park Slope, mother of Hunter, 10, and Taylor, 6. "As long as they dress as witches - not sexy witches - my 10-year-old can go."

Reyes added that it would ultimately be preferable if the dancers dressed as historically and culturally appropriate witches, respecting the pagan tradition of Wicca and earthly spirituality, but not like sexy Wiccans.

The Scores dancers are thrilled for the opportunity to give back to the community, especially after their attempts at raising money for 9/11 Orphans and Police Widows were met with refusals. After widows and orphans, Park Slope children are obviously some of the most deserving subjects for charity in the city.

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