Hey, you know what? Bill Maher would make an awesome high school principal! (A mouthy, obscene and lecherous one, but still.) During Friday's live broadcast of his HBO show, "Real Time With Bill Maher," (a show responsible for revealing the comedic political genius of regular guest Ben Affleck—no, seriously), Maher took care of business when his crack security team proved not to be. Maher tried to make light of a heckling 9/11 conspiracy theorist working the room: Chris Matthews, Joel Stein and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson sat quietly by. (Who knew Matthews was such a pussy? Stein, yeah, but Matthews?) Heckler #1 got tossed by Maher but still had some friends in the audience—Maher's best line came when he got back to the stage to yet more shouting. "I'll kick your ass outta here too! Hey! This isn't the Iowa caucus, okay? it's not a debate, it's a debate between us; you're in the audience. Audience comes from the Latin, to listen."