While Rudy Giuliani keeps demonstrating his craven willingness to sell out each one of his scant few "principles" for a chance at the Republican nomination for the presidency, his sudden waffling on gay and abortion rights is utterly dwarfed by his recent announcement that he's supporting the Red Sox in the World Series. But to give the man a little credit, he can occasionally be counted on to stand by his friends when it counts. Like accused child-molesting priest Monsignor Alan Placa.

Back in 2002, three people accused Placa of abusing them when they were teenagers. They testified before a Suffolk County grand jury that Placa fondled the boys repeatedly, and the grand jury concluded that the abuse happened "again and again and again." Then "Placa served as a lawyer for the diocese in dealing with allegations of abuse against other priests" and single-handedly covered the whole thing up until the statute of limitations expired.

A couple months after the investigation into his boy-fondling, Placa (who officiated Giuliani's wedding to Donna Hanover) went to work for Giuliani Partners, where he continues to this day. Rudy has pointed out that the criminal justice system gives "some of the worst people in our society the presumption of innocence and benefit of the doubt," and though he's never been a huge fan of either of those constitutional safeguards, he doesn't mind so much when they benefit his friends.

Giuliani Partners refuses to say what Placa does for them or how much he's paid—though it's enough for Placa and a fellow priest to afford a $500K Battery Park apartment.

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