Last night we were at the National Arts Club for the launch party for Supper Club, Tamsin Lonsdale's socialite dining and dating club, now being imported from London. Supper Club boasts a huge committee of the social set. Everyone's breath smelled like smoked salmon. The place brings back memories! The National Arts Club used to rent out an apartment there, via sort-of art dealer and real estate heir and "party-going bachelor" Tim Nye, to the Accompanied Library, the now-defunct lending library and literary salon. But apparently the relationship between Library co-founder Brooke Geahan and Nye went south, and Nye tossed them out.

I think I was the only sucker who paid dues to the Accompanied Library; they asked for $500 a year but after much deliberation gave it to me for $250.

So last night, conversation at one point turned to Brooke. She was supposed to be there—but apparently she told someone that "I can't support anything at the National Arts Club."

Still bitter! Guess those "rent issues" or whatever were pretty dispiriting. Plus, she also had some board troubles; art dealer Gavin Brown had been on the advisory board, but we think that also went south.

But Brooke has bounced back from the troubles! She recently befriended hip hop producer Damon Dash, who is married to designer Rachel Roy. We hear he has been instrumental in helping the Accompanied Library to acquire some capacious offices downtown.

[Photo: Gregorio Binuya/Getty Images]