There's a new species of bear in the entangled gay forest that is New York fashion, claims the New York Observer: The highly not-dangerous, sort of comfy, sort of roomy, Design Bear! They're like regular big ol' gay bears, but they works in fashion or retail or like fancy fey stuff, and, as such, do not conform to the Ford/Jacobs/Lagerfeld school of grape diets and chest waxing. Design Bear is often seen avec beard but sans fashionable duds, and is often coated in a pelt of plaid workshirts!

In short, Design Bears are schlumpy and messy and don't really give that much of a fuck about outward appearance—just like you probably! They just happen to use those meaty hands of their to make beautiful dresses out of delicate silks and things.

Who are the most prominent Design Bears? Obviously there's the boys of Costello Tagliapietra, "2007's answer to Dolce & Gabbana," a two-bear pack of their own. Then there's Rob Seroka of the mens' fashion line RSRV, artist Nayland Blake, fashion designer Patrik Rzepski, and—oh, there's just too many to count! Though we can't really think of many more?

Has the Observer mentioned how gay they are? Don't worry, they're still really gay.

The Design Bear does many of the things you might expect from a typical queen: making people over, cooing over shoes, fondling fabric. ("This is twisted-yarn plaid," said Mr. Seroka with particular glee. "This makes it wrinkled, the yarn gets twisted in there.") But he's more likely to prefer gay bars like the Dugout and the Eagle to tanorexic hangouts like G Lounge and Vlada.

Oh, and there's going to be a book. It'll be called Bear Flavoured.