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· Why does it take the threat of a strike for people to start cranking out the truly genius ideas? Fox has ordered a script that could generate a Prison Break spin-off set in a women's penitentiary, a project that would be perfect for Michelle Rodriguez once she concludes some previous obligations. [THR]
· ABC's Cavemen inches ever closer to joining Viva Laughlin in the Fall season's "bold TV experiments canceled too soon to see how terrible they could eventually become" club, drawing its lowest key demo ratings to date. Somewhere, Hugh Jackman's wife sheds a tear in sympathy. [Variety]

· Transitioning into the "paycheck-hungry Oscar-winner playing a dad with a creepy child" phase of his career (see De Niro, Robert and Hide and Seek), Kevin Costner accepts a lead role in the horror flick The New Daughter. A possibly haunted burial ground is involved. [THR]
· Jessica Biel will star in the United Artists of Tom Cruise-produced thriller Die a Little, a project during which the actress will be evaluated for her potential fitness as Katie Holmes' inevitable replacement. Hey, Holmes can't stay young enough to pretend to have his robot babies forever. [Variety]
· Shockingly, Lions for Lambs actor/director Robert Redford is not the Bush Administration's biggest fan. [Variety]