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We've been covering — so to speak — the exposed skin at lifecasting site not because we think the company should enter the porn business. Even if that's the site's best shot at actually making a buck. No, we're fascinated at how the startup is willing to cut off its core audience of self-involved youth, who want every moment of their lives on the Internet, titillating and stupefyingly boring alike. The company only received any attention at all because of the any-thing-goes, 24/7 habits of its founder Justin Kan. Now, the startup seems to have abandoned the spirit of "lifecasting" altogether.'s PG-rated guidelines restrict far more than just sex. Commenters can be banned for "sexually suggestive" comments and "acting like a complete idiot." Doesn't that sum up the site's audience? Broadcasts without the voluntary age restriction can be banned for "cursing." Any broadcast can be banned for "nudity." The typical lifecaster and his audience is going to cross all of these lines, and live broadcasts will be impossible to police. Our suggestion to Drop the sex angle altogether and pay to send your users to war zones. Call it "strifecasting."