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A crucial part of the mourning process for a network forced to euthanize a hopelessly enfeebled, Nielsen-sick primetime child is the speedy removal of its web presence, a compassionate measure that stops heartbroken programming executives from obsessively surfing over to the show's page in hopes a message promising "ALL NEW EPISODE THIS SUNDAY AT 10 PM! " will magically appear.

Accordingly, CBS has already taken the first steps towards healing following Viva Laughlin's tragic demise; anyone who tries to visit the former location of the show's official page is met only by a blindingly white light, an online beacon providing hope to the grieving that the dearly departed series has gone on to a better place.

Bonus: For those who need to discuss their pain with others, someone has hijacked a Ghost Whisperer message board thread to give fellow fans a place to say their goodbyes.