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If anyone deserves a gig where he can sit back, pontificate and do very little work, it's Vint Cerf, the man who helped come up with the basic network protocol of the Internet. Lucky for him, he got exactly that when Google hired him on as its "Internet evangelist" in September 2005. What does an Internet evangelist do? Make shit up.

Yesterday at Google's Analyst Day, Cerf told the crowd of 300 financial analysts and press that in the next few decades, scientists will have created an "interplanetary Web," connecting spacecraft, satellites and distant planets. Google will "help to organize it just like we organize" everything else, Cerf is quoted as saying, referring to Google's mission of organizing the world's information.

I'm sure its all true. But other than help inflate Google's share price relative to its earnings — there's a lot of room to grow in space, analysts might think — what the hell does it have to do with Google's third quarter? And now that we think about it, Google's mission is to organize the world's information, not the solar system's. So typical. He's doing that thing geeks always do to avoid work: Talk about how great the next version is going to be.