At last night's launch of the Fox Business Channel at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, (more on that later), we saw Portfolio blogger Lloyd Grove roaming about the grounds of the Temple of Dendur. Talk about relics! (We kid!) What has our favorite Daily News ankler been doing since he left his gossip column behind almost exactly a year ago?

Judging from his almost jockey-like weight, working out a lot. He's also "got a column on and I've been writing a lot for New York magazine. Oh, and I'm trying to build a company." Oh???

Speaking of company, he and Page Six honcho Richard Johnson were unusually chummy. Funny, given that we've heard that Johnson had fired off some very scathing emails to Grove in response to his New York mag takedown of Page Six boss Col Allan just back in September.

Grove said: "Look, there are few people who really understand or do what Richard and I do. There's a camaraderie there. We're friends."