Seen here, from the Fox Business launch party at the Met last night: 1. Jason Beckman, Fabiola Beracasa's banker boy. Currently missing in action. 2. Fabiola Beracasa, socialite freshly back from Beijing. ("I could feel the oppression!") 3. New York Observer majority owner and bridge and tunnel real estate mogul Jared Kushner, desperately trying to escape being photographed with his girlfriend who is: 4. Ivanka Trump, here coquettishly looking away as to not be photographed publicly with her boyfriend, Jared Kushner. (She has such good hair!) Why they were there: Fabiola's mom, Veronica Hearst, is good friends with Rupert Murdoch; Mr. Murdoch dined chez la famille Beracasa last week. Mr. Kushner is a newer Murdoch friend, though does enjoy spending time on the big Murdoch boat. Related: Kushner is a huge Counting Crows fan! Rain King is one of his favorite songs.