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James Watson, the respected biologist who won the Nobel Prize for taking credit for his friend's breakthrough work stealing the concept of DNA's double-helix structure from a lady-scientist, has resigned his Chancellorship of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island following comments he made about how black people aren't very smart, though they are much better in bed and also they drive like this.

Watson, whose history of preening egotistical bullshit has endeared him to maybe Harlan Ellison, has held his position at the laboratory—and even "led" America's portion of the Human Genome project—largely because of the one day he attached himself to a brilliant idea, won a prize for it, and ended up in every single high school biology text book that ever was or will be printed.

In his statement, Watson kinda apologized again, though still didn't really clarify, and also made odd mention of "his Scots and Irish forebears, saying their lives were guided by faith in reason and social justice." Not to mention alcohol and spousal abuse am I right?

James Watson Retires After Racial Remarks [NYT]