You wish you were cool enough to have mob bosses after your head, like GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Two out of five mafia bosses wanted to waste Giuliani in the 80s, when the future mayor was all up in their business. "The reality is, I've dealt with this all of my life," Giuliani told Fox last week. "If you've got to live with threats, you live with threats." Oh, what a badass. But where oh where does this moxie disappear to when Judith calls him in the middle of a major political event? Earlier this month, Giuliani took his wife's call smack dab in the middle of a televised speech he was giving to the NRA. "If he wants voters to respect his privacy, he ought to show some respect for basic manners," wrote John Fund in the Wall Street Journal. In all fairness to Rudy, Fund isn't exactly the arbiter on etiquette—we hear the columnist has absolutely terrifying table manners.