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Now that Google has lost to Microsoft in the Great Facebook Battle of 2007, I imagine relations between the search giant and the $15 billion social network are only getting frostier. Facebook is continuing to poach Google's employees, for one. And Google plans to strike back by launching a platform for social applications next month. All that has to make things awkward for Dave Morin, Facebook's developer-platform manager.

Why? As the handsome Facebooker's profile shows, he's dating Brittany Bohnet, an extremely attractive Google marketer (above, left). Bohnet's project, Google Earth, hardly seems like a Facebook competitor. Except that rumor has it Google is considering creating a virtual world and social network based on the 3D map of the planet. One hopes Bohnet and Morin, both of whom previously worked at Apple, manage to avoid discussing work over dates. Right. As if anyone in Silicon Valley ever stops talking shop.