We often find ourselves wondering how superannuated producing legend Robert Evans kills his time in between taking inventory of his world-class turtleneck collection, giving piggyback rides around his estate to protege/adopted son Brett Ratner, and surfing AshleyMadison.com for a love match who might bring him up to a year of nuptial bliss. Thanks to this video forwarded by a reader, we have a better idea of how he's keeping busy: by making noirish fake movie trailers (for an advertising firm called Sinfactory, apparently) with production values so good they could easily later be repurposed as perfume commercials. Are we still a little bit confused about the footage we've now watched more than a dozen times? We are. But are we going to keep replaying it over and over, allowing ourselves to be lightly hypnotized by Evans' silky voice? You bet your sweet little ass, sister.