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Premiere, the magazine which earlier this year shuffled off its glossy coil and moved on to afterlife on the internets, has just released its annual Power List-, helpfully establishing a hierarchy that will inform which Hollywood asses will be kissed with renewed vigor for about the next 48 hours. (Unless some other publication spits out a differing set of rankings before the weekend, crippling sycophants with indecision over where their congratulatory muffin baskets should be delivered.)

We won't prolong the painful suspense a second longer: The most powerful individuals in all of showbusinesslandywood are Fox chairmen/CEOs Jim Gianopolous and Tom Rothman (were you fooled by the Will Smith tease on the list's front page? Hey, two not particularly photogenic middle-aged dudes in nice suits aren't going to drive nearly as many clickthroughs as Big Willy Style) who jumped from third to first place on the strength of hits like Borat, Night at the Museum, and The Simpsons Movie. The biggest leap power-ward, however, was made by Judd Apatow (unranked to #13), who in the preceding 12 months consolidated so much of Hollywood's comedy power that he can now walk into any studio head's office, say, "Seth Rogen, Steve Carell. A sprinkling of Rudd and Cera if I'm feeling feisty. It's filthy but has tremendous heart. We'll figure out the details later," and walk out with a summer release date. Make sure the baked goods package you send him is heavy on the high-quality, red-velvet shit; you don't want him holding a grudge about how cheap you seemed last time around when he cracks the top five next year.