Apparently there's a television show on VH1 called America's Most Smartest Model in which a group of models live together and strive to perform basic tasks like eating and exercising and trying not to sexually assault each other. The winner receives $100,000 and the title "America's Most Smartest Model." For one of the contestants, a Russian named Andre Birleanu, the eating and exercising were fine, but that last part he had some trouble with.

The 25-year-old model was at Cipriani Downtown when, according to a young lady:

"He touched my genitalia and I immediately moved away," she said. "Then I looked over, and he looked really upset.... I went up to him. And he was standing there with his head down. He said something along the lines of 'no.'

"He then grabbed my boob."

In his own defense, Mirleanu said, "I already slept with that girl, so it's strange she would say I touched her inappropriately." Oh right, we forgot, once you sleep with someone they are yours forever! Another fun fact about Andre. When he was arrested, he was out on bail after being charged with stalking, aggravated harassment and attempted assault; in 2003, he spent 6 months at Rikers. What Would Tyra Say???

Reality Hunk In Sex Bust [NYP]