OMG, there's a little village of stray cats and they all live at the airport in "makeshift cubicles made of plastic packing containers nestled in cargo carts that once carried transcontinental luggage" under a rusty old tanker truck. Airport employees, the most bitter and hateful people on this earth, have been taking care of them for years, as these cats are their last, tenuous connection to their own humanity. AND NOW THE PORT AUTHORITY IS ROUNDING THEM UP.

Everything bad and evil can be traced directly back to the Port Authority, so it's really no wonder that they're now forbidding cat rescue groups from approaching the "happy cat camp," but still, how wrong is this?

[Port Authority spokesman] Pasquale DiFulco said the cats were creating "an unsafe and unsanitary" environment. "You've got a situation where the cats are being fed, which then attracts rodents and, far more seriously, birds," he said. Gulls attracted to the food could end up colliding with sensitive aircraft parts, he said.

Cats eat rodents, DiFulco! And gulls are going to break all your precious airplanes? Cry us a river! Now the authority is trapping and killing all the scruffy little bros (the authority denies the "killing" part but they so are). But "volunteers" keep breaking all the traps and airport employees continue to feed the cats.

The whole situation is basically just like Fraggle Rock, with the Port Authority as the Gorgs.

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[PHOTO: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times]