Is there anything your Friday afternoon needs more than Alex Blagg's weekly roundup of party pictures of terrifying hipsters from Cobrasnake and Last Night's Party and Nicky Digital? How could there be?

10.The Cobrasnake. Chichgo Side Dish photo #8088: The title of girlie blogger Stephanie Klein's terrible book finding its way onto a hipster T-shirt is sort of like AIDS and the Holocaust having a kid together.

9.The Cobrasnake. Fools Gold photo #8412: Imagine Moby. Then imagine if Moby were somehow even lamer, wearing a polka dot hoodie, horrible ironic sunglasses that made him look like a pervy white version of Data from Star Trek, and had a whole bunch of chest fur peeking out from a yellow American Apparel V-neck. Now imagine, if you can, that this horrifying scenario was real, and documented in photograph.

8. The Cobrasnake. Yurman Jungle photo #9516: I hate it when I'm out at parties and all the most interesting and original people have been seated together.

7. Last Night's Party. I Love It Here photo #8559: I've been waiting a long time for the whole Frilly Neck Sash thing to finally come back, so I couldn't be any more pleased to see these two young dandies blazing the trail for all the elegant doily-collared people of the future!

6. The Cobrasnake. Yurman Jungle photo #9735: If you can actually catch one of the fabled Striped-shirted Hippie Bandanna Hipsters with a Rollie Fingers Moustache, he will magically turn into a million dollars.

5. The Cobrasnake. Fools Gold photo #8763: Looks like this guy decided to give his "Stroke" Halloween Costume a little test drive before the big day.

4. Nicky Digital. James Murphy @ Hiro photo #60261: I always like to see people who seem to have modeled their entire personal style around that "Hollywood" character from Mannequin.

3. The Cobrasnake. Yurman Jungle photo #9565: Could these two Original Scenesters possibly do anything else to make their style more flawlessly on-point and just...I dunno, right? Maybe just a tiny bit more pit stain from the guy on the left, and these two party vets are pitching a perfect game.

2. The Cobrasnake. Chichgo Side Dish photo #7720: Back in his early Bedford Avenue retail days, DJ Radness Dangertough was named Mr. Williamsburg 3 years in a row. Then he decided to pack up his PBR's, ironic mullet and vintage Metal t-shirts, and take his Hipster: Millennium Multimedia Roadshow across country, giving teenage Vice readers in the Midwest the rare opportunity to behold one of New York's last remaining spectacles of tired cliche circa 2002, live and in 3-D!

1. The Cobrasnake. Chichgo Side Dish photo #7721: "Oh, goodness me! Whatever are you doing here, camera man?!? This is my lover, Captain Grumpus McDoodle. We were just about to get married again! I'm positively snickerdoodled that you'd want to take a picture of little old me! I just wish I would have known, because I hardly even put anything on before running out of the house tonight. Anyway, stick around, because Captain Grumpus and I are going to need someone to photograph our wedding and capture the beauty of our love!"