Those sneaky MySpace folks, after teasing that their Exclusive! First! Owen Wilson! Interview! Since, You Know, The Incident! would be getting a terribly inconvenient midnight world premiere, have (thankfully) snuck the video online several hours early. And? The clip contains talk of monkeys, the inoculations you need to film in India, and other good-natured chatter overwhelmed by the unbearable tension that Anderson will at some point finally break from the small talk to turn to his old friend and ask, "Will you just fucking tell everyone you're OK so we can be done with it?" (A moment that never arrived, but you've probably figured that out already.) Now you can safely head out to whatever boozy plans you had for the evening without having to feel like you were going to miss out on the kind of teary, revelatory moment the Hollywood's troubled stars usually reserve for Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer. See you Monday.