You might have wondered why Sunday's New York Times weighed 2.6 kg, nearly 800 grams more than usual. The answer: Brown Harris Stevens' glossy booklet of "Important Residential Properties"! In it is a Facebook of sorts of Brown Harris Stevens' brokers. That's how we learned why Brown Harris Stevens does such brisk business for the wealthy and the cultural elite. They are the wealthy and the culturally elite.

From the neatly-gridded black and white headshots, some of our faves:

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  • Craig Filipachi: Son of Daniel Filipacchi, deputy chairman of Hachette Filipacchi Publications, brother of Amanda Filipacchi, the author.
  • Fritzi Kallop: Also known as Deborah Farber Kallop, she lives on the super exclusive Further Lane in East Hampton. She's in the secretive Blue Book and a member of the mother of all Hampton clubs, The Maidstone. She's also a Lamaze teacher who "often sells apartments to her students, after the birth of their babies."
  • John Colgate: a descendant of William Colgate, the founder of what became Colgate-Palmolive.
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  • Vicki Gershwin: Was married to George Gershwin's nephew Marc, though now divorced. Author of "Reel Life/Real Life."
  • Lynn Kaplan: She used to work for the Conan O'Brien show and then dated Conan after he broke up with Lisa Kudrow in the early 90s.
  • Alexander Ionescu: This yoga instructor isn't, sadly, related to Eugene Ionesco but, he says, "My mother went to University of Bucharest with him in the 30's. They sat next to each other and studied philosophy together."
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  • Phebe Lowell Bowditch: Married to Richard Lyon Bowditch III, a descendant of a of Nathaniel Bowditch, the American navigator and mathematician, and of James Russell Lowell, the poet.
  • Arabella Green Buckworth: "Arabella loves travel, literature, languages, art, classical music, and chess. She is married to an Australian philanthropist, and is step-mother to four handsome English gentlemen."
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  • Daniela Rivoir: "An active sportswoman (golf, tennis, skiing, horseback riding), Ms Rivoir is also training at the British School of Falconry to become a licensed falconer. She also travels extensively abroad and joins her far-flung family at such venues as Lyford Cay, Nassau; Geneva, Monte Carlo, Monaco and the south of France. Ms. Rivoir is also an avid collector of Chinese furniture and sculpture from the Ming, Tang, and Hang Dynasty, and a collector of 20th-Century modern paintings as well as icons dating back to the 16th Century."