You know how all these magazines come to "your" house, but how "you" don't read them? That is the thesis of a Washington Post writer named Frank Ahrens and an entrepreneur named Jeremy Brosowsky. So now Jeremy has made "a Web site that creates 100-word abstracts of articles from dozens of magazines and rates them." Yes, Brijit review-summarizes articles from nearly 50 whole magazines and pays freelancers five dollars to write a summary. Well, we guess that's 20 cents a word. (In doing so, Jeremy employs hipster hottie and music-loving blogger Orr Shtuhl.) This all could be worse. Somehow. Or? You know what? I recant my previous opinions about the internet making people smarter and better readers. The internet is destroying everything. It is worse than T.V. and we should turn it off permanently.

Brijit Cuts Magazine Pile Down to Bite-Size Pieces [WaPo]