Who Is Running The Yankees? Not George!

Apparently the pretense that George Steinbrenner is still in charge of the Yankees is over!

"It's a shame," Hank Steinbrenner, who is now running the Yankees, said late Sunday night. "But we are all in agreement: myself, my dad, my brother, all the baseball people. If you don't want to be a Yankee and paid what you're being paid, we don't want you, that's the bottom line." [...] Hank Steinbrenner, and his brother, Hal, have taken over day-to-day operations of the team in place of their father, George, the team's principal owner.
Emphasis ours. Boy is that gonna piss off Steinbrenner rep Howard Rubenstein . But, hey, at least Hank is as crazy as George!

For Rodriguez and Yankees, It's All but Over [NYT]