Times trend queen Stephanie Rosenbloom totally blows up the spot on the hottest word out there right now for vaginas: Vajayjays. What makes Ms. Rosenbloom so sure the word has arrived? Well, after its use on "Grey's Anatomy" the word has "found its way into electronic dictionaries like Urban Dictionary, Word Spy and Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary. It was uttered on the television series '30 Rock.'" Oprah says it! "It was used on the Web site of 'the Tyra Banks Show. Jimmy Kimmel said it in a monologue." Also, Gloria Steinem left "a reporter" a voicemail about it. So clearly, vajayjay has entered into the cultural lexicon. It's only a matter of time before obstetricians can be heard screaming, "We need a bilateral oophorectomy on this lady's vajayjay to remove the ovoom-vooms, STAT, or else we're gonna have to perform a conization on her cerveevee and her utay-tay might fall out!"

What Did You Call It? [NYT]