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More details are in on Internet godfather and Google "employee" Vint Cerf's comfy search-engine sinecure. After confusing the press and financial analysts last week with an obviously winging-it speech about Google's future in space, Cerf, the company's "chief Internet evangelist," has gone on the record with detailed plans on how to waste shareholder money now that he's stepping down from his role as ICANN chairman. For starters, he's writing a book of poetry.

In total, Cerf is writing five books while on Google's payroll. Only one of them will spread the good word on the Internet. Besides that and the book of poetry, he's writing a book anecdotes, a biography of his wife and a book on the concept of bindings.

The rest of Cerf's time is spent as honorary chairman of the IPv6 Forum and assisting NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. And where does all this timewasting go down? Cerf is based in northern Virginia, but he also has an office in the Googleplex, two doors down from Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Schmidt might want to have Cerf spend a bit more time in the latter. (Photo by AP/Paul Sakuma)