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A tipster has written in to name Facebook programmer Jordan Moncharmont as the employee who allegedly looked up a user's password, logged into her account, and changed her profile picture to a graphic image. The story goes that one of Moncharmont's friends put him up to the deed because the victim, some years ago, had rejected this friend's invitation to the prom. We have no evidence to back this accusation. Our tipster, however, writes that the victim is certain Moncharmont was the meddler. Why?

Because she hadn't seen his friend in years until running into him in the street a week before the profile incident. Also, she claims the content of faked messages sent out under her name strongly suggested his complicity. Hardly a smoking gun. Still, Moncharmont is only 20, making the belated high-school drama scenario plausible. Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker says the company investigates reports of profile abuse.