From the first MenuPages review of Park Slope Restaurant, a diner in that oft-caricatured neighborhood: "Thankfully a dying breed. Ever since buying my brownstone here a year ago and becoming a resident of Park Slope, I've been put off by the type of greasy spoon this place represents. Thankfully, month by month, these types of places are being pushed out to make way for more refined establishments more suitable for the next gen of Park Slope: educated, affluent and discerning. No thanks, I don't need burned toast, mushy bread, manufactured pasta in red sauce and other tired dishes just because the're [sic] cheap. I want to pay a lot for my food and get a lot for what I've spent. When my broker said 'Park Slope is the next Chelsea," and I said "but what about the Park Slope Restaurant?' she waved her and dismissively and said 'the days of that place and the cheesy dollar stores that go along with it are numbered.' I hope so. I'm growing impatient." Even if this is parody, it's still chilling.