AdAge features and blogs editor Ken Wheaton, is easy on the eyes and perhaps a tad overexcited about the possibility of the New Republic hitting the skids. It seems that in the wake of the "Baghdad Diarist" scandal, Wheaton reported today, "Military bloggers and bloggers from the right are calling for a boycott of marketers who advertise in The New Republic. Of course, the news here is that The New Republic still had advertisers!" Aww, mean. So far, these "military bloggers and bloggers from the right" are actually Pajamas Media blogger, Bob Owens, who's campaigning over at Confederate Yankee against TNR advertisers and industry titans like Microsoft, Freddie Mac, GM, HBO and Warner Brothers. We tease, but Owens has the attention of Weekly Standard writer Michael Goldfarb, who was among the first to be suspicious of the 'Diarist' column, is sending traffic Owens' way. Stay tuned.