Amy Fisher is a 34-year-old ex-con with a bad tattoo around her navel and a world-wary (yes! Like a little goat!) face. But to some, she will always be Lolita. (At least in Suffolk County.) You might not have seen so much of Ms. Fisher since she was fired from her job in 2005 as a columnist for the Long Island Press. But you're possibly about to see all of her!

It seems her her weirdly Buttafuoacian, gray-haired, burly husband, a "videographer" (though IMDB has never heard of him), by the name of Lou Bellera sold a video of the two lovemaking to Red Light District Video.

The video is inventively titled "Amy Fisher Caught on Tape." (Google shows no record of it, and it's not up on that porn site. Yet.) Supposedly Bellera did it behind her back while she was dating Joey Buttafuoco again as a "a vehicle to strike back at her." But guess what? She'll forgive him! How sweet it is when self-promotion and true love converge.

Cheeky Lolita Bares All [NYP]