JFK airport's "happy cat camp" is set to be looted, pillaged, and leveled by rampaging Port Authority agents today. Adorable denizens of the Catemkin Village—which, as we first learned last week, is made of overturned packing containers set beneath a rusty truck near the Delta cargo area—will be rounded up beginning today and euthanized en masse, despite protests and lobbying from "cat group members."

The ASPCA offered to sterilize the cats and monitor them on site, which would take care of the problem within a generation. But while the "trap-neuter-return" policy worked just fine at controlling the population of Rikers Island's own and significantly larger Meowtropolis, the Port Authority would much rather kill all the precious little kitties and save the precious airplanes from the deadly birds that apparently congregate wherever cat villages are to be found and then suicide themselves in jet engines.

Because the cats are largely feral, most are unadoptable, though you're welcome to call Animal Care and Control and beg for one of the little guys. Or just call up and mew softly into the receiver until they think about what they've done.

JFK Feral Cats Facing Death [AMNY]
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