Though onetime NBC ABC News Now correspondent Merry Miller's fifteen minutes of YouTube-derived fame has expired by now, the always-generous ladies of The View today invited her to fill the chair temporarily vacated by the pregnant Elizabeth Hasselbeck, offering Miller a long-delayed shot at TV redemption.

Rightly realizing that the show's audience probably has no idea about the extent of their guest host's online popularity, Whoopi invited them to cringe at the unrelenting string of gaffes that still have a sweat-slicked Holly Hunter awaking from fitful sleep, screaming, "Why can't you fucking hear me! Am I in hell?" Disappointingly, the still-painful montage wasn't followed by Miller's tearful reunion with Hunter and a do-over of the original interview unimpaired by the "satellite problems" that plagued their first meeting, just some chatter about how the combination of God and her equally beneficent View saviors have pulled her back from "the precipice upon which you were standing," to borrow Goldberg's typically eloquent words.