So magician David Copperfield is under investigation by the FBI for raping a woman in the Bahamas, where he owns a couple islands (one of which has the fountain of youth!). In the last week or so, lots of creepy details about his typical methods of "seduction" have come to light. He or his people would mark the scantily clad girls to come on stage during the show, he'd ask them to meet him backstage, then he'd ask if they like the Bahamas—and who doesn't! So as someone rapidly developing a reputation as an all-around creep who might be a bit rapey, it's time Copperfield got serious. Like by hiring Mike Sitrick! Sitrick, who repped Paris Hilton after the jail thing, has long done great work for sketchy dudes, like supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle and "Girls Gone Wild" king and America's BFF Joe Francis. So Copperfield's in good company!

Copperfield and Sitrick's latest press release is in response to last weekend's Seattle Times exclusive that gave some of the seamier details of the grand jury investigation. Copperfield reportedly said he'd help a Seattle woman with her modeling career (oh, aspiring models of the world, please demonstrate better judgment) and "invited her to his isolated $50 million private retreat at Musha Cay, in a tiny string of white-sand islands 85 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas."

When she showed up, there weren't any other guests there! And Copperfield allegedly "raped and struck her" during her stay, then threatened her if she went to the authorities.

Not so. say Sitrick and Copperfield! They claim the entire story is false, and as supporting evidence they claim that, contrary to prior reports, the FBI did not seize $2 million from Copperfield's Magic Museum or whatever the hell his presumably wacky Vegas house is called. And FURTHERMORE: Copperfield's attorney "said that Mr. Copperfield is among those rare celebrities

with a blemishless past."

Yeah! He's not like those other rapey celebrity magicians. Like David Blaine or Teller.

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