The post office is going to kill all the magazines! Your favorite magazine's logo may soon be obscured by more than just the inhuman photoshopped face of Jennifer Garner, the words "PERFECT ABS IN 10 MINUTES," or a brown paper sack. No, a hideous mailing label might soon be up right where the logo's supposed to be, if the "chatter" overheard by Folio and Designing Magazines is to be believed.

According to Folio's e-newsletter, as we have now been hearing for what seems like seven years, various mailing changes are being mulled by the USPS, including tying rates to inflation and, horrifyingly, forcing mailing labels "to be either parallel to and within three inches of the top edge, or perpendicular to and within two and a half inches of the top edge."

And printed in Arial.

These changes would place labels right over the name of the publication being sent. Horror of horrors! How will we know if we're opening GQ or Esquire? Vogue or Elle? Seventeen or Harper's?

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