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We always eagerly anticipate Franklin Avenue's coverage of the annual pumpkin carve-off that pits the various media-related tenants of the Wilshire Courtyard office park (E!, The Weinstein Company, Variety, The Family Guy production headquarters, etc) in a thrilling exhibition of their impressive gourd-sculpting skills, an event that more often than not ends in a regrettable knife-fight in the companies' shared courtyard over perceived voting irregularities.

Inevitably, this year's contest featured a Britney Spears-themed entry, the LA Business Journal's "It's Britney, Bitch" (pictured—the rest are here and here), but we're a little disappointed that the obvious desire to be timely didn't yield a Writers Strike pumpkin (though we don't know what that might look like— a studio exec jack-o-lantern with a rolled up screenplay jammed into an eye-hole?) or one representing the Malibu Wildfires (David Geffen's face consumed by flames?), two ideas that certainly were within the abilities of the talented individual who handled Var's impressive offering.