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Forget People. You want the 50 most beautiful people on the Internet? We'll give you 73. Start with, um, a guy (girl?) named Starspirit. Gorgeous. You too, Bunty. (Don't think we're forgetting you either, Spocko). Where'd we find them?

On StumbleRank, which ranks StumbleUpon's top users. You know, the people who can singlehandedly drive massive amounts of traffic to a blog?

Digg used to have a similar list of top users, but it took it down after some, desperate for traffic, tried influence the top users with cash and flattery. Some of Digg's top users even took the bait. A disgusting practice, truly. One which we know these fine 73 would never sink to. They are each and all a beautiful human and a credit to their race. Starspirit, and all your kin, know that we cherish you.