Last night we ended up at a party at the Bowery Hotel called Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. At 11 p.m., the line outside stretched past the Renewal on Bowery homeless shelter all the way to the N.Y.U. dorms. Mary Kate Olsen was on the dance floor. She looked to be dressed as Ashley! But it could have been the other way around! We were forbidden to ask by a bodyguard. [Photo of "Barry Manilow" by The Cobra Snake]

Here is who we saw:

  • 2 Karl Lagerfields
  • 2 Sets of early period Beatles
  • 2 Mormons
  • 1 Olsen Twin dressed as the other
  • 1 Olsen Twin Bodyguard Playing Himself
  • 1 Johnny Depp from Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man
  • 6 1966 Bob Dylans, 4 of whom were Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan
  • 1 Bodega complete with condoms and an awning
  • 1 "Black and White and Red All Over" complete with newspaper dress and bloody neck
  • 1 Outer Space
  • 1 Box of Kittens
  • At least a dozen Slutty Angels
  • 1 Barry Manilow
  • 4 Hasidic Jews
  • 1 Anna Wintour
  • 1 guy dressed as the Mark from the Cobra Snake who actually was Mark from the Cobra Snake
  • 1 Judith Butler