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It seems The Dolce Group restaurant impresario and Big Brother All-Stars $1 million-winner Mike Malin, whom last we checked in with for his weekly penile-wart singeing, wound up in a Denver jail cell after allegedly demonstrating a little too much enthusiasm over the Boston Red Sox's recent World Series victory. Eater LA has the scoop:

We're tipped off that Mike Malin spent 15 hours in a jail cell following Game 4 of the World Series "for allegedly assaulting a waitress at a local sports bar."

We have no idea what kind of assault, but Dolce Group PR tells us, "Malin is working with his legal team to properly handle the misunderstanding and the charges."

While the details of this "misunderstanding" remain sketchy, we'd put nothing past Malin's well-documented party-animal ways; certainly, calling over a cocktail waitress for a round of Irish Car Bombs—only to have the server come face-to-face with a patron chanting "We're #1! We're #1!," naked save for his swaying, semi-alert member sheathed in a red wool sock—would be the kind of characteristic behavior that might find the local entrepreneur sobering up on the cold metal bench of a Denver jail cell.