It's the spookiest time of year: The time when you can't tell a horrifically dressed club kid from a terribly dressed but otherwise normal Halloween reveler. But we can! Your friend and ours Alex Blagg trolls the photo-trolls of Ambrel, Cobrasnake, Nicky Digital, and Last Night's Party to deliver the good news: Society is just a costume! (Deep, man!)

10.Ambrel. Halloween photo #2676: I tend to find the hipster photoblogs to be - somewhat ironically - less frightening around Halloween, because it's the one time of the year where EVERYONE is dressed up in ridiculous costumes, which sort of takes the shock out of seeing some naked dude who's painted his entire body neon pink and has a giant glowstick hanging out of his ass just because its a Wednesday night. Which is why I've got to give it up to the couple on the right in this picture for STILL managing to scare the fucking shit out of me.

9.The Cobrasnake. October Octupus photo #1185: This guy actually went out of his way to dress himself up as a fashion-handicapped child molester whose entire life revolves around taking point-and-click pics of wasted scenesters? This is esentially a costume of a costume, or what it would have looked like if MC Escher drew stuff that was retarded.

8. Ambrel. Halloween photo #2554: Um, I'm not really getting this one. Slutty Incognito Girl Who Shits Hair?

7. The Cobrasnake. October Octopus photo #0551: Ok, time for a fun holiday game called "Hipster or Halloween Costume?" Is this a person who is dressed up for Halloween, or is it a messy-haired hipster who chose to leave the house in a wolf jacket and big silly glasses just for the hell of it? ANSWER: Trick question! It's a guy whose Halloween costume IS a Hipster, bearing a pretty decent likeness to our old friend Kid's Meal. At least that's what I think he's doing.

6. Ambrel. Paper Nightlife Awards photo #2251: So I heard The Cobrasnake won "best nightlife photographer" in Paper's annual awards show recognizing NYC "Nightlife" and the comically-deluded sense of importance of the people who are a part of it. Nikola, if you're ready to get serious about this whole hipster photography thing, I recommend you cool it with the "artful, aesthetically-pleasing pictures" stuff, invest in some fannypacks, and start taking some poorly-composed snap shots of high school girls on heroin nodding off into their pizza.

5. Nicky Digital. All Hallow's Madness @ Judson Church photo #62103: Reenacting your own birth is not only a creative Halloween costume, it's also a great way to come to better terms with hating your parents for everything that is now wrong with you.

4. Last Night's Party. The Beautiful photo #9811: I don't even think this is a costume. I think Carl the Guy Who Sadistically Tortures And Kills People Then Buries Them In The Crawl Space Under His House only leaves his demonic blood dungeon once a year, on Halloween, because it's the one night he can be who he is.

3. Nicky Digital. All Hallow's Madness @ Judson Church photo #62208: Ok, "Hipster or Halloween Costume?" Round 2! Is this a group of friends dressed up in 80's Zombies costumes, or are these hipsters who just can't fucking get enough face paint and neon clothing? ANSWER: Hipsters! The people in this picture are actually the members of an unsuccessful indie rock electro-dance band called Disco Is Dead.

2. Ambrel. Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards photo #2271: I was actually supposed to cover the Paper Nightlife Awards for Gawker again this year, but had another thing come up that I felt was more important (turned out there was a marathon of MacGuyver re-runs on TBS that night) and ultimately couldn't make it. So you can imagine the disappointment and regret I felt the next day when I looked at this picture and saw exactly what I had missed.

1. Ambrel. Halloween photo #2683: Whatever, EVERYONE went as a Slutty Rape Victim this year.