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As expected, the WGA took the enthusiastic shouts of the 3,000 or so writers who showed up last night's meeting as a sign that now would be a pretty good time for a walkout, officially announcing moments ago that the picket-line-walking and slogan-singalong fun will begin Monday at the gates of every studio in town. The LAT has the e-mail that went out to the membership:

Subject: Important Contract 2007 Development IT'S OFFICIAL - This afternoon, the WGAE Council and WGAW Board unanimously voted to call a strike. The Writers Guilds will go on strike Monday, November 5th at 12:01 AM. At that time, all Guild-covered work under the MBA must cease. We will be sending more detailed information over the weekend.

WHAT SHOULD DO YOU: Join us on the picket line - we'll be sending you information about our picket lines. Come out and show your solidarity. Your Contract Captain will be in touch with you. Be prepared to serve.

STAY INFORMED - The media and online blogs are not always the best and most accurate source of news - the WGA is. We will keep you informed and up to date. Here are ways to stay informed:....

We'll have more when the official statement hits the wires. Happy Friday!

UPDATE: AMPTP president Nick "Why Won't These Strike-Happy Monsters Listen To Reason?" Counter responds, offering his review of the WGA's announcement: "We are very disappointed with their press conference and the action they took. Their press conference was full of falsehoods, misstatements and inaccuracies and we'll respond at an appropriate time."

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