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EAST VILLAGE, NEW YORK — Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, who sold social-news website Reddit a year ago to the publisher of Wired, brought Reddit's beer-laden world tour to New York last night. And, on the promise of an open bar from 7 till last call, the people showed. Among the crowd a pair of Condé Nast Newhouses and a whole mess of Silicon Alley's scruffiest. What'd I learn? Some tidbits such as that Huffman doesn't always flush and that at Reddit, Ohanian just draws the aliens. But mainly we learned that the people wanted to know: Would Jakulia show?

You'll recall Jakob Lodwick, the always-naked Vimeo founder and geek-lusting girlfriend Julia Allison, Star's professional pretender. Dubbed Jakulia by a notorious Manhattan gossip — Allison herself — the pair were set to make or break Reddit's party with a rumored late-night appearance.

But in the meantime, the booze flowed freely at Hanger bar between Avenues B and C. Here are two of the founders, Huffman and, in the background, Ohanian. Next to Huffman is his fiancé, Katie Babiarz.

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While you're admiring the obnoxiously handsome couple, here's a tidbit to bring them back to earth. I learned from Huffman, that, among his college friends, other than a penchant for right-wing conspiracy theories, he's most known for habitually forgetting to flush. Alas, poor Huffman: successful, handsome and engaged to a beautiful woman, but with a circle of friends who can only remember that his shit still stinks.

Here's a better shot of Ohanian. No word on his bathroom habits.

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Things got rowdier as the night went on. Well into the sloshing, Ohanian got the bright idea to turn off the music and host an imprompt Q&A session. He got exactly two questions from the packed crowd. One from a woman I'd seen dancing feet away from the founder most of the night.

"How does one start a — when are we going to have intercourse?" she shouted.

"When is Julia Allison getting here?" shouted another. The music returned.

Still, despite the hooch-induced frivolity, you people are still ... you people. Even in Silicon Alley. Solo cups and BlackBerrys? Sick.

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But sicker? Your unhealthy obsession with Jakulia, people. All night the whispers were hardly whispers.

"When's Julia Allison coming?"

"What about Jakob Lodwick?"

"Will he be wearing a shirt?"

It went on and on like this all night. But, then, suddenly like a TV dropped in the bathtub, a shock shot through the Hanger bar. You begged, so fine, here they are in all their ... something. Jakulia and a guy.

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And then they left.