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On this gloomy Monday morning, take a moment to review the weekend's studio strike fund box office results, allowing yourself to momentarily ignore the coordinated chants of the picketers outside your place of employment.

1. American Gangster - $46.344 million
The already-incredible story of how superproducer Brian Grazer singlehandedly brought long-troubled passion project American Gangster to the big screen (background here—make sure you have some tissues handy before following the link, for the part about how he nursed a sickly script draft back to health by feeding it formula through a medicine dropper is guaranteed to elicit tears) has become even more uplifting now that it's debuted as the number one movie in the country.

Grazer's latest tale of triumph should serve as an inspiration to everyone chasing their Hollywood dreams, proving once again that all one needs to succeed in this town is a relentlessly positive, never-say-die attitude, an A-list director, two Oscar-winning stars, and a studio willing to put up $100 million.

2. Bee Movie - $39.1 million
While Jerry Seinfeld's tireless promotion of Bee Movie was instrumental in helping the film to a big opening weekend, we think it's important that the contributions of other prominent members of the comedy community not be overlooked. Though technically unaffiliated with the project, Andy Dick's recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel probably helped sell a few tickets to some moviegoers confused into believing they might get a look at some 12-inch stingers.

3. Saw IV - $11.010 million
Without the excuse of Halloween weekend to embolden them, straggling Saw fans probably felt too self-conscious about showing up to the multiplex in their disturbingly detailed, eviscerated Jigsaw victims costumes to turn out in larger numbers.

4. Dan in Real Life - $8.125 million
5. 30 Days of Night - $4 million

7. Martian Child - $3.650 million
Very quietly, the "sad widower struggling with the realities of single fatherhood" phase of John Cusack's career has begun.