The rage of the creative underclass has bubbled over 1930s-style on the streets of New York and LA—the Writers Guild of America is on strike! Josh Brolin is sympathetic and John Malkovich, according to "Early Today," doesn't really know why they're asking him about it! Tina Fey is picketing! She will come up with no more funny-the-first-time-you-hear-them catch phrases until her demands are met! But how will this affect you? It looks like you and your stoned slacker friends may have to learn about the scary outside world via real news instead of the hilarious scripted "fake" kind that is so popular these days with the Generation X.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are both going to repeats—though Jon Stewart has offered to pay two weeks of writer's salaries himself—and poor Amy Winehouse, the real victim in all this, will probably not be making her SNL debut this week, and no one seems clear on what Letterman will be doing, least of all Dave Letterman.

So now's your opportunity to do some scabbing, struggling unethical would-be writers of New York! Hop down to the real 30 Rock and make up some funny things for Tracy Morgan to say!