Greg Lindsay And Sophie Donelson Almost Have It All

The Weddings and Celebrations announcements in the 'New York Times' are a battlefield. Everyone there must stand alone. And no one, not even our Intern Alexis, can tell these people that they're wrong. They are trapped by their love and chained to each others' side.

Judging by the lackluster turn-out on the weddings page yesterday, we're guessing that the first weekend in November is not a very popular time to get married. (Take note, those hoping to book a wedding at that cliché Lower East Side wedding-factory, the Angel Orensanz Foundation!) We had a very Irish couple and Jeff Greene, a real estate mogul who was able to snag Mike Tyson as a best man, but otherwise not too much. However, there was a beacon of light in the otherwise bleak sea of UPenn grads and commodities traders. And that light was brave little freelancer <a href="

"> Greg Lindsay.

Let's break it down!

Sophie Donelson & Gregory Lindsay