Dungeons and Dragons-themed fantasy tome 'The Orc King' is slipping down the Times bestseller list. Why? We went and bought a copy to find out.

"Speak not his name," Drizzt interrupted. "You know nothing of Bruenor, of his exploits and his judgments." "I know that he was no friend of—" "You know nothing," Drizzt said again, more forcefully. "The tale of Shallows!" one of the dwarves roared. "I was there," Drizzt reminded him, silencing the fool. The human spat upon the ground. "Once a hero, now gone soft," he muttered. "On orcs, no less." "Perhaps," Drizzt replied, and in the blink of an astonished eye, he brought his scimitars out in his black-skinned hands. "But I've not gone soft on highwaymen and murderers."