"I know that most publishers and agents don't like to receive unsolicited proposals from un-agented authors," began the non-bcc'd email received today by almost every agent and editor currently working in book publishing. "But I am a new author who is trying to get her first novel published and I am hoping you will give me a chance and take a look at my novel ...My novel is entitled, "To Catch A Master Thief" and it is in the genre of contemporary romance/thriller. It is about the daughter of a master thief named Claire Barnes, who is a master thief herself. Her father is kidnapped by Don Qui Hon, a ruthless Chinese antiques collector, and held prisoner in Beijing when her father steals one of Don Qui Hon's prized Ming Dynasty vases. Don Qui Hon threatens to kill her father in five days, if Claire doesn't bring him the vase in China. With another master thief chasing after the vase for her own designs and Interpol agent Jack Norton chasing after her to use her as bait to catch her father to further his own career, Claire is in a race against time to save her father. As Jack and Claire are forced to work together, the sparks and passion between them fly, and so does the danger. In the end, Jack will have to decide on whether he wants to advance his career or lose the woman he loves." Oh, well in that case!