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TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington notes the launch of European blog netowrk MyKinda with a swipe at MyKinda's competitor BlogNation. He published emails sent by BlogNation founder Sam Sethi, a former TechCrunch writer, to Blognation's employees and potential venture capitalists. Why? Well, there's bad blood here. And we're not talking about Sethi's feud with Arrington, either.

BlogNation was originally a partnership between Sethi and MyKinda founder Lee Wilkins, a Brit living in Romania. The Sethi-Wilkins partnership went sour, with threats flying back and forth, and Sethi took control of the BlogNation brand. Arrington naturally saw this as an opportune moment to strike back at Sethi for launching a competing blog network after he was fired from TechCrunch UK.

In this three-way blogfight, Arrington's motives are transparent. But what I can't figure out is what Sethi and Wilkins are thinking. One, in launching their blog networks in Europe. And two, getting so emotional about it. This is the land of socialized medicine and siestas, people. Their most successful startups are obvious Facebook clones or $900 million writeoffs. If you're going to fight, why not make it over something worthwhile? Oh right — this is Europe.

(Photo by pankration)