Patrick discusses the girl of his dreams from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo. Explained in this video: why Patrick Moberg, the iPod-having hoodie-sporter who created a webpage in an attempt to find the girl who caught his eye on the 5 train, didn't just go up and talk to her. Not explained: why he keeps compulsively mussing his hair (tic? lice?), what his dating history has been like with other women who he met on the subway (do you think maybe he tired of them quickly after discovering that they were real people with thoughts and feelings, and not ideas he created?) and why on earth this girl hasn't come forward yet. Maybe she is too busy writing in her journal and braiding her hair all fancy. Also look for the earwax-picking at 2:48 when he's saying he "doesn't want to be just some gimmick story." Adorable!