The Daily News is running a contest to pick New York's Sexiest chef, because it is apparently a blog now. You also enter a contest to win dinner for two. This dinner does not include "wine, beer, liquor or gratuities" and is "subject to availability." Fun! Of the eleven chefs, quite a few lounge in the littoral zone of heteronormative behavior and at least six are either married or in relationships. Also, approximately none of them is actually cute. Except perhaps Sam Mason of Tailor. And he's not only taken but the chef with the most vexed sexual identity.

Sam Mason has a girlfriend! However, he stays away from "straight sugar": "It's how I keep my girlish figure," he says.

Well he does have a sleeve tattoo which is hottt.

In the interests of due diligence, you should know that chef Benedetto Bartolotta of San Domenico did donate $1,320 to the Women's Campaign Fund, which is an attractive thing. Also, Johnny Iuzzini, the executive pastry chef at Jean Georges, has a website on which he wears few clothes. There is house music involved.

Vote for New York City's sexiest chef [NYDN]