The amazingly old-school feminists at the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women will be protesting New York magazine on Thursday at noon! Why? "With ads for sex tours that advertise 'have your own harem' and ads for massage parlors that promise 'accommodating Asian women' New York Magazine is the marketing arm of the organized crime world of prostitution and trafficking.... It makes $10,000 a week facilitating the commercial sex industry." Oh my God, 10,000 whole dollars a week? Our femiladyist friends do have at least one good point: Some of the advertising brothels of New York probably are full of Peter Landesman-style sex slaves! Eww! But after going Andrea Dworkin-wrong by painting all prostitution ads with the brush of duress and international conspiracy, they then go further afield: "New York Magazine represents the life and times of New Yorkers," they claim. Well, we've got bigger problems than sex trafficking if that's true. Update: OMG, sex ads and protest canceled!