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Tumblr, the cute blogging tool that recently received $750,000 in funding, has been touted as enabling unique habits not possible with other blogs. Habits that include boring one's readers more frequently throughout the day. Now Ricky Van Veen, editor of CollegeHumor, is blaming Tumblr for the same thing. Van Veen thinks Tumblr causes bloggers to post too often. He is frustrated that his friends are posting inanities not worth reading. And yet he finds himself obsessively following these trite microposts. According to Van Veen, Tumblr is the problem.

But we'd say Van Veen's problem has more to do with his choice in friends: Jakob Lodwick, Julia Allison, and Reggie Watts. Please. Does Van Veen really think these egobloggers need any inducement to post half-naked photographs and pictures of Lodwick's "retard shoes"? If only Tumblr were to blame. It's safer to want a company to shrivel up and die than to puncture your friends' egos.